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A Personal Connection in a Tech World

daniel and the lion

I recently read an article about the survival of brick-and-mortar malls within the current internet-shopping age. Although it is true that internet shopping has seen tremendous growth over recent years, there is still one aspect of the traditional shopping experience that technology cannot replace: personal connection.

Rather than trying to beat the world wide web on prices, shopping malls offer customer relations, a one-stop social atmosphere with a retail/restaurant mix, and entertaining events. Take Edgebrook Shops—our local outdoor mall that in addition to offering a unique blend of locally-owned shops, restaurants, and service businesses, holds multiple events annually— for example.

Rather than being simply a mall, Edgebrook is a destination. Come to buy goods, plus stop at the coffee shop to catch up with your friend. Perhaps, spot the perfect item you were looking for in the store window as you walk by en route to Edgebrook’s weekly farmers market. Grab a bite to eat with friends at one of Edgebrook’s restaurants and stay for the free outdoor concert.

In today’s market, the local mall is reinvented. No longer the only means for shoppers to buy what they desire, it is now positioned as the neighborhood meeting place. The place to talk with your neighbors, purchase local goods, and come to be entertained.